Other Information

Important Notes

  • These records should be kept in a secure and locked location. These logs are proof of payment and contain sensitive information that could lead to identity theft. For more information, refer to the ASU Identity Theft Prevention Plan.
  • You must keep these records for three years after the close of the fiscal year of the transaction. If on a grant, records must be kept for three years after the close of the fiscal year that the grant ends. 

Total Anonymity

  • In studies that require anonymity, you must indicate to the IRB in the protocol application that human subjects will be paid a nominal amount, how many subjects will be paid, and why it is important that total anonymity be maintained.
  • In these instances, do not collect names or any other identifiers. The IRB will authorize payment using a letter with the information that a certain dollar amount can be paid for a specified number of subjects and the period of time. This signed letter should accompany all cash advance requests or reimbursements sent to Accounts Payable.