Sponsors' Electronic Submission Systems

Appalachian’s Proposal Routing and Award Management System: AGrants

  • AGrants is the system by which you route proposals for all required internal approvals prior to submission to the sponsor.

  • It is also the official campus repository for all documents related to sponsored activities at Appalachian, both those that are submitted and those that are awarded. Sponsored Programs and Special Funds Accounting maintain the documents in AGrants after a proposal has been funded.
  • Please note: You, or your contact person in Sponsored Programs, must still submit the proposal itself to the sponsor using the appropriate system/method mandated by the sponsor.

Sponsors’ Submission and Award Management Systems

  • Some sponsors use electronic submission systems which require you to either create an account for uploading and submitting proposal materials yourself (see below) or for an authorized research administrator to log in and submit your proposal on your and the University’s behalf (your contact person in Sponsored Programs will do this for you).
  • Some sponsors may have you submit a grant proposal through one system, such as Grants.gov, and then complete further requested information via their own site. National Institutes of Health (NIH) and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) do this; see below.
  • Some of these systems (such as Research.gov and eRA Commons) also contain post-award functions which allow you to submit interim and final reports.

Tips for submitting proposals via electronic submission systems yourself:

  • Read the program guidelines/RFP (Request for Proposals) to find the URL of the sponsor's online submission system/website, what will be required, and when.
  • Usually, you will be required to set up an account with a username and password.
  • Start early! Log in, and become familiar with the site and the electronic forms well before your deadline.
  • Create a list of questions as you preview the site, and discuss them with the program officer.
  • Fill in any required information, and attach any required items such as project narrative, budgetbudget justification, letters of support, etc.
  • Either share your account and login information with your contact person in Sponsored Programs, so they can log in to review and insure the information you provided is accurate; or send that person screen shots of what you have completed, in addition to any required attachments. 
  • After submitting online, be sure to print the screen showing your submission was successful, and upload it to AGrants as confirmation.
  • Save and upload to AGrants any response you receive confirming that your proposal was received as well.

Systems used by multiple sponsors


proposal Central application system

Systems used by specific sponsors