AGrants: Submitting Your Proposal for Internal Approvals

What is AGrants?

  • AGrants (also called RAMSeS, the name under which it was developed at UNC Chapel Hill) is the electronic system by which all proposals on campus will be routed for required internal approvals
  • AGrants replaces the old paper Internal Processing Forms (IPF) used in the past and allows for faster routing. 
  • AGrants has been implemented on all of the UNC system's campuses and will provide information that is comparable to all other universities in the system. 
  • AGrants is the official campus repository for all documents related to sponsored activities at Appalachian, both those that are submitted and those that are awarded. Sponsored Programs and Special Funds Accounting maintain the documents in AGrants after a proposal has been funded.

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Log in to AGrants

Enter your campus username and password when prompted.

Questions About Using AGrants?


To allow Sponsored Programs adequate time for review and final approval, you must complete all required fields in AGrants, attached all final and complete proposal materials in the system, and obtain all required approvals no later than five business days before your sponsor's submission deadline.

Training Sessions

See below for a description of the training sessions and a place to register for one. If there is no time that fits your schedule, but you have at least three people who would like a training session at a certain time, please contact Yingqi Wang at or (828) 262-2165.

For Administrators:

For PIs:

Testing AGrants

If you would like to become familiar with AGrants without initiating an actual proposal, you may do so by logging into the AGrants test site.

Submitted proposals in the test site will not be routed to chairs, deans, or Sponsored Programs, but the site is a useful tool for learning the AGrants system.

Please note: The test site does not contain accurate or current data and cannot be relied on to produce accurate reports.