Calculating Salaries for Faculty, Staff & Postdocs


  • You should include full salary and benefits for all Appalachian employees' participation on a sponsored project as direct costs or cost share commitments in the proposal budget.
  • Salaries and wages are determined by the amount of time spent by each person on the project (time and effort).
  • For faculty, calculate a dollar value for each person's time and effort using his/her current 9-month base salary (which does not include compensation for administrative duties, summer teaching, etc.). Sponsored Programs' budget templates will help you calculate this appropriately and accurately.
    • Example: If the project requires 25% effort of a faculty member during the academic year, you should include 25% of his/her current base salary in the budget.
  • For further explanation of time and effort, view the videos at the end of this page presented by the National Council of University Research Administrators (NCURA).
  • Section 4.1.1 of Appalachian's Supplemental Pay Policy states,

    "For a full-time member of the faculty or EPA staff, the salary approved by the Chancellor, Board of Trustees, or Board of Governors is the base salary to be paid during the contract period. No additional compensation may be paid for University duties that are generally related to the position to which the individual is appointed during the Contract Period."

  • To help you calculate the amount of supplemental compensation faculty are eligible to earn outside the contract period (i.e., the summer) or, in rare exceptions, during the academic year, you may use the Supplemental Pay Tracking Template (XLSX).
  • Keep in mind sponsors must provide written approval of any supplemental compensation to be paid during the academic year before it occurs.
  • Be sure to discuss academic year effort on sponsored projects with your chair and dean well in advance of preparing to submit your proposal. They will need to know if they should plan for a replacement instructor for classes you normally teach.
  • Remember, any payments to Appalachian personnel will be processed through Payroll; therefore fringe benefits (FICA, unemployment, medical, and retirement) need to be calculated on all salaries for people employed at the University.

Hiring Postdoctoral Scholars

For guidance on salaries for postdocs you wish to include on your sponsored project, please contact Mrs. Talana Bell in Academic Affairs at 828-262-2070, or email her at

Time and Effort Reporting

Relevant Policies for Calculating Salaries and Time & Effort

Video Guides to Time & Effort Reporting Presenting by NCURA